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I have four kids ages ranging from 16 mo to 19 years. We thought with our last pregnancy that we would for sure have a girl and it was supposed to be our last one. Well, we were wrong on both accounts! Little girl, we waited for you for so long.. but we didn't give up because we knew that some day we would have you. Our friends would always say "girls are fun". Well they were right, little girls are so much fun!!! Girls are a whooole different ball game. They are so cute and so sensitive. She is the only one in our house who doesn't share a closet AND IT'S FULL! My Children, You make our lives so incredibly complete. You only live once they say, so I have one chance to make a difference, one chance to give you aaaaall my love. I will do it greatly, without fear, in the biggest of ways my dear...

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