Clock Tower Denver

Some of you don't know this but I have been planning some pretty extravagant shootouts over the last year. If you've never heard of a shootout, it's when a group of photographers gets together to socialize and have fun doing what we love. I have been dreeeaming of this venue for so long and it was this year, that I decided to bring my vision to life! I knew that of all of shootouts I have hosted, that this one just HAD to be the best. I spend so much time planning and preparing for these things, but with my to-do list, that I had better have some help. (Or I'd be pulling my hair out!) So I gave my friend Samantha at Mathews Weddings & Events, a call to sort it all out. It was so nice having someone to run through details and to help keep me organized. We had the best vendors and most importantly an amazing community ready to help make this event a success.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Pettis, B&B Photography. I spent weeks selecting models, and on the phone discussing all the final details. Everything from the gowns, to the hair, from the cake to decor. I have got to admit planning this event was so much fun. Doing what I love with the people I love most, the people I have the honor of calling my friends. Have you ever been a part of a group, where your passions all unite, where your thrive on the success of one anothers dreams? Yepp, That's us. We may be plenty mushy at times, full of laughter & tears. But we are a kick ass group, one that has NO FEARS. We arrived to the Clock Tower full of excitement. Knowing of all the things that had yet to come. Thank god for my assistant Lexi (which Lexi, walkie talkies next time.. AM I RIGHT?!) lol. We had vendors piling in, load after load to get through the elevators and up to the 17th floor. Holy Macrole I still can't believe how quickly we were able to unload and get everything dispersed throughout the entire venue. Way to go team!!!! We came to a point where we were running a little behind. Where I had gone back and forth from the first floor to the FIFTH, huffing & puffing. (Definitely counting my steps!) When I had paused for a brief moment in our meeting room, in COMPLETE awe. Enjoying the laughter & the music in the air, gawking at this scene, watching all of the girls in hair and make up, having drinks and eating snacks. I knew that through all the bustle that I was doing something right. These women were having a blast! I had met with all of the photographers, many who had traveled from NoCo, from Montrose, Colorado Springs.. Gone through some brief introductions, got them all split off into groups and ready to shoot. I've got to admit you ladies caught me in a fluster of emotions that day. Both uphill and down but it was NOTHING that these ladies couldn't handle. The raw passion of it all.

Photo Credit: Ashley Nichole Studio, LLC.

Coordinated by: Ashley Nichole Studio, LLC. & Mathews Weddings and Events Venue: Clock Tower Events Gowns by: Bella Bridesmaids - Denver Tuxes: Ted's Clothiers Hair & MUA: Estes Park Bridal Company Hair & MUA: Deb Icenogle Hair & Make-up Artist Florals: Inspired Designs Gift Boxes: Manofatto Giftboxes & Blooms Rentals: Butler Rents Decor Rentals: A Love Tale Cake: Sweet Inspitations Bride & Groom (Real life couple) Samantha Stiles Devan Ganze Bridesmaids Chelsea Manning Melanie Graham Jocelyn Weir Flower Girl Autumn Gallegos Ring Bearer John Graham Engaged Couple (Husband & Wife) Rebecca and Ben Pettis

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