Moss Denver

I have been wanting to shoot here for sooo long! So when I got the call to photograph the Simplicity Bridal shoot I was like "YOU BET I'M IN!!!" I absolutely love to explore new realms. I have been photographing in this district more frequently and have been given the opportunity to get out there and live this whole other "city girl" life. If you know me I am a mom of four, living in a world full of ups and downs in complete and utter chaos at times. Don't get me wrong, my husband & kids are my LIFE! But sometimes it's nice to get out there and do me once in a while. Owning my own business has provided me so much growth and so many new opportunities that I find myself often, having to stop and appreciate my success. I can't staaaap with the cool tones inspired by this shoot. Though it is simplicity at it's finest. Flowy gowns, free from all the fuss, the industrial windows that gave just the right amount of light.. "Simply" stunning!

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