Do you have a studio?

Most of my sessions are outdoor - But I do have a studio if you'd prefer something indoor, just ask!

What type of equiptment do you use?
I shoot with DSLR cameras & lenses

Will you pose us?

At Ashley Nichole Studio we're aiming for a more natural & casual style. We do a mixture of posing as well as embracing the little moments caught between scenes. We may ask to go for a nice walk or to have us over to while the kids play. This type of session is called "lifestyle". If you prefer something a little more posed feel free to let us know.

Are you open to suggestions or ideas that I may have?
Absolutely, Please do! I love when you jump in.. These photos are yours, I encourage the enthusiasm to help make them your own.


What should we wear?

Great question! I know it can be a challenge to put together clothes for a family in pictures, especially if you have a bigger family-the more people, the more shuffling of layers you have to do. "How can we coordinate but not be too matched up?" I like to follow what I like to call the “Three Colors + POP” rule: Pick three colors (one being a neutral)  and put together outfits with those colors only.  More than three colors can seem a bit busy.  Try & pick colors that complement the surrounding environment. If you want to take this one step further (if you plan on displaying this picture in your home), try and choose colors that will compliment your home decor.  My home is decorated with a lot of neutrals; thus, I would never pick neon colors for our outfits.  Of course I’m exaggerating, but you get the point. Next, Add in an unexpected POP of color.  Be aware that this POP will become a focal point in the picture, so I wouldn’t advise adding this color in an area that you don’t want others to look at too closely.  Use your brightest colors as accessories.  You don’t want the brightest colors detracting from the most important part of the picture: 



Wear patterns & layers! I love little boys and men in a colorful plaid shirt. I  would then have one of the others bring out a color in the plaid shirt by wearing a plain colored shirt and pairing it with a cute accessory (scarf, boots or heels) that coordinates.

Layers - Put a polo shirt under the little guys plaid shirt. Bring a denim Jacket to wear over the dress. A cute Pea Coat with matching heels is just darling! Note: Switching out layers changes up the look and feel of the photos.



DONT wear LOGOS!!!!!! No NIKE, PATAGONIA, GAP or other labels. This is VERY distracting in an image. There is a slight exception to this... if you prefer a more urban style sometimes graphic tees work:) For example a "Rockstar" shirt, make sense?

Ladies do not forget to take care of yourself.. Us moms get so busy in preparing that by the time we get to plan for ourselves, we usually just grab something from the closet & go. Put equal thought into ALL of your must haves. For the men  - If your husband's like mine he may want a cut & shave. Give him a special time to get his list checked too. Mine, tends to hurry through things also, putting himself last. I'd hate for him to later, remember that hurried morning when he forgot to shave.

If you can run an iron on your out-of-the-wash-readies, please do! Creases and wrinkles tend to be a bit pesky and can cause some distraction from the photo. So, that’s it!  Hopefully, the above tips will help you do a little advance planning for what to wear for family photoshoots to create a beautiful family portrait you can be proud of.


Will your logos be on all of the pictures?
Logos protect my work, they will only appear on photos that will be posted online like Facebook or my website. Your final images that you receive from me will not have any of my logos on them.


How long will it take to receive my pictures? For digital images: Same week delivery. For USB Images: I will get them mailed out to you and you will have them within 2-3 weeks. For weddings please allow 6-8 weeks for gallery & flash drive I edit through each photo assuring that they are flawless and ready for you! However, I know you may be anxious to see how your pictures turned out so I will usually post a sneak peek with a few of my favorite images from your session on Facebook and on my website.



Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions I would love to hear from you!

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