Recetly I attended a styled shoot in Evergreen. It was a great place to go and see some new sights, meet other photographers and connect with new vendors. I had such a great time tracing through the snow capturing such breathtaking moments between Kori & her groom Josh.  

Jen & Bryan Engagement Session
Denver, Colorado

Congrats to everyone who got engaged over the holiday! It's going to be a busy year for our soon-to-be brides & grooms. With all the joy planning can be, it can also be a bit stressful at times. Let us handle that for you. Ashley Nichole Studio is giving 15% off to any couple who are due to wed, when you mention this ad! View our collections online to find a package that works best for you.






Those tiny fingers, that sweet little nose.. Cherishing those moments for a lifetime. Gift your mother, friend or a family member something they'll hold onto forever, what a great way to say Happy Mother's Day - Call us today, select spots available!





Ashley Nichole Studio Denver A - List Photographer



Leah Maternity Photos- Brighton, CO.

Congrats to my dear friend & stylist, Leah on her little bundle of joy. Leah came to me full of ideas & we sure incorporated every one! I have something to pride myself in when it comes to meeting the expectations of my clients, each own's, individual style and bringing those ideas to life! Such a timeless treasure.. Visit





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Sorensen Family Session- Arvada, Colorado


We've had quite a busy start to the year, I've been neglecting to post from my latest sessions. Here's one I just have to share!  What a great way to spend Valentine's Day, capturing the love of this beautiful family! "The love of our family is life's greatest blessing."


Brighton, Colorado

Valentine's is just around the corner. Do you all have a little something planned for your loved ones? My little Cupid sure does! 


Kaity & Kerby - Family Session
Morrison, Colorado

 I love being able to capture special moments in my clients lives. It's in this day and age in social media where we can easily snap a photo with our phone and it's great. So choosing me to capture LASTING photos of your family means the world to me. This location is in Morrison, Colorado. One of my favorite places to go any time of year. So serene & the trails are beautiful.

Jared is so handsome with those cute baby smiles!! ..Always a joy!

Adrian - Studio Session
Thornton, CO.

This session is very near & dear to my heart because THIS is my son, Adrian. These were his one year photos. Not only were they special because it was someone's birthday.. But special because this session, was only about my fifth since the opening of Ashley Nichole Studio. I am so proud of my portfolio but looking back to early work, I can see how much we've grown. Learning different lighting techniques, trying different angles. Such a huge difference only a few months can make.
If you know me, I've been into photography since my early high school years. I've absolutely loved taking an idea, putting it on a canvas and telling a story with my images. Nothing beats stories like those of your own. Family has become the core of my existance & the love of my life, so you can see why I love photography so much. From those huge smiles to those little toes.. It is an absolute thrill to make all of those memories, little things, big things & all last a lifetime.

AIDEN - Back To School
Thornton, CO.

Well now I just HAVE to share some pics of my oldest.. This is Aiden, my other gremlin. Aiden started Kindergarten this year and no, I still can not believe it! I watch him run to class every morning. This is one of those tear jerking moments that I could never get tired of. One of many sets of steps he has to take into the big, bright world. He has never had trouble making friends (or stealing hearts I should add). All of the teachers & staff love him. He is always brightening your day with a new story to tell, or something nice to say. We've been so close with the faculty and involved in his life at school, that it's going to be so hard to say goodbye when we move next week.

The Marsden's - Family Session
Arvada, CO.

Kristan, contacted me to take some new family photos. We picked a location close to home so that they didn't have to travel too far with the little ones. Practically in their back yard sat this, community park. Upon arrival, Kristen gives me the usual spiel about the kids being difficult to take photos of. A couple photos in, it was like I could see the worry melt right off. Lucky for me, I knew that Kristan really likes the natural look. I love it when families opt for candid photos.. less stress on the parents and fun for the kids.

The Lakewood Tigers - Team Sport Photos Lakewood, CO. 

Well this was a ton of fun! And what a great group of kids!! Claire contacted me about doing some team photos plus a few extra, of her own son. Not only did we get her a couple posters made for his trophy wall, but we were able to make the team custom trader cards too. It was so good to hear how much the kids enjoyed handing them out to their family & friends. I love hearing back from my clients, it means so much!

And now we are all booked for next season! Go Tigers!!!!


Now Available - Photo Booths by Ashley Nichole Studio

OMG I can not believe what a blast we had at Pam's 60th Surprise Birthday Celebration! Pam had no clue about the party her kids had planned to throw for her. There was drinks and laughter even a DJ too! I have to say a HUGE thank you to her family for thinking of our studio for the big event. Located in Golden, CO was a quiet event center, the perfect place for a good time. The surprise was indeed epic. Pam thought she was going to a party to pick out new crystal wear for her dining room collection. We were all set up and ready to go, waiting for the big entrance of course! "Ssssssh here she comes" In she flew ready to have a good time with friends.. A good night indeed. "SURPRISE" we exclaimed! It took a moment for her to catch her breath, tears and laughter were soon to follow. Later that evening she had shared with us how no one had ever done such a thing for her. What a moment that was to hear about all the love and appreciation she has for her family & friends. Boy did her guests have a great time! I didn't see one person miss out on the fun. I was really hoping for a great turn out when it came time to snap away. It wound up QUITE a site to see - feather boa then *FLASH* feather boa then *FLASH* 

In the midst of everything I was able to catch a glimpse of the line that continued to build. They sure kept us busy. I'm so happy that you got so many great photos to cherish and share with your friends. I know these memories will surely last a lifetime!